Civil War

Horatio G. Kern circa 1860’s Amputation and Trepanning No.2 kit comprising of the followings:

A capital saw, a metacarpal saw, a Hey saw, 2 trephines serrated on side, a trephine wooden handle, an all metal bone nippers maker marked H.G. Kern, 2 capital knifes both maker marked H.G. Kern, a metacarpal knife maker marked H.G. Kern, an all metal scapel maker marked H.G. Kern, a tenaculum maker marked H.G. Kurn, an all metal elevator, an all metal artery forcep, 7 needles and a complete tourniquet. The bone brush missing. All in its original wood chest with brass mountings measuring 2 7/8 in. x  5 3/8 in. x  14 3/4 in. . The brass plate on the chess is unmarked.  $6900.00


World War 1

  • Sword canvas frog, maker marked Mills and dated 1915, in close to mint condition $75.00
  • Service buzzer model 1914, maker marked "Americam Electric Co." of Chicago, dated 1918, missing buckle strap, vg.+ $90.00 

World War 2

  • U.S.A.A.F. original Sterling pilot's pinback wings marked LGB (L.G. Balfour Company), very high quality detailed wings marked LGB and Sterling on the back, exc. $75.00
  • U.S. Navy Aircrew wings with three battle action stars in Sterling, maker marked, 2 in. wide, exc. $40.00
  • U.S. Navy Aircrew wings with no battle action stars in Sterling, maker marked, 1 1/2 in. wide, exc. $30.00
  • U.S.A.A.F. second type shoulder sleeve insignia, printed, British made, vg.+ $30.00
  • Goggle variable density, complete with spare red visor and issue metal tin, exc. $ 45.00
  • Metal tin for goggle variable density, empty tin, exc. $10.00 
  • Honorable Discharge document and certicate to Technical Sergeant W.J. Duncan, Bombardier with the 596th Bomber Squadron, both are dated July 5 1945, also included are two photos of Duncan in civilian clothes and his pay record, vg.+ $40.00
  • Souvenir book for the 6819th Army Information Education Staff School, printed late war, 40 drawings of the Bavaria, soft cover, vg.+ $25.00
  • Normandy to the Elbe, The History of the 19th U.S. Infantry Corps, printed late war, 57 pages, soft caver, vg.+ $25.00
  • Japanese Infantry Weapons, Special Series No.19, dated 12/43, prepared by the U.S. Military Intelligence Division of the U.S. War Dept. soft cover, 242 pages, vg.+ $40.00
  • TM11-2043 training manual, Telephone TP-3, 33 pages, dated 1944, original not a copy, $15.00
  • U.S.A.A.F. Aircraft Inspection and Maintenace Guide for the C-47 and C-53 Series, dated 1944, 60 pages, vg.+ $40.00
  • The Japanes Government (Burma) 10 Rupees paper money, vg. $5.00
  • The Japanes Government (Burma) 1/4 Rupee paper money, exc. $5.00
  • The Japanes Government (Malaya) 1 Dollar paper money, exc. $5.00
  • The Japanes Government (Malaya) 5 Cents paper money, exc. $5.00
  • The Japanes Government (Philippines) 1 Peso paper money, vg. $5.00
  • The Japanes Government (Philippines) 50 Centavos paper money, vg. $5.00
  • Hand made brass round serving tray 10 in. in diameter, hand engraved map of the Persian Gulf with the following inscription "Persian Gulf Command' and badge on it, very nicely made, W.W.2 period, vg.+ $30.00 
  • Souvenir ashtray, made of alluminium and measuring 6 in. in diameter, with the following inscription "North Africa, 1942 - 1943,  301 Ordnance Regiment, First Battalion HDQS Company", vg.+ $20.00
  • Ammunition bag M2A1 complete with front and rear portions, exc. $20.00
  • U.S.A.A.F. aerial dead reckoning computer, type E-6B, maker marked and dated 42, functional, vg.+ $20.00
  • U.S.N. flotation vest emergency light, vg.+ $10.00
  • Dressing green canvas pouch complete with its dressing first aid still in its sealed cardboard box, vg. $15.00
  • Dressing first aid Carlisle Model, still sealed in its tin can, vg.+ $10.00
  • U.S.A.A.F. Aircraft Inspection and Maintenace Guide for the C-47 and C-53 Series, dated 1944, 60 pages, vg.+ $40.00
  • 1.940 headspace gauge for .30 caliber weapons, maker marked, exc. $25.00
  • 1.950 headspace gauge for .30 caliber weapon maker marked, exc. $25.00
  • Breech bore gauge for.30 caliber weapons, complete with the 10 in. handle, exc. $40.00
  • U.S.Navy foul weather black rubberized mittens with trigger finger, large size, exc. $10.00
  • 44th Division steel helmet coloured decal measuring 1 7/8 in. in diameter, vg.+ $15.00 
  • 81st Division steel helmet coloured decal measuring 1 7/8 in. in diameter, vg.+ $15.00
  • 98th Division steel helmet coloured decal measuring 1 7/8 in. in diameter, vg.+ $10.00
  • MS-49 antenna section, vg.+ $25.00
  • MS-50 antenna section, vg.+ $25.00
  • MS-52 antenna section, vg.+ $25.00
  • MS-53 antenna section, vg.+ $25.00
  • MS-55 antenna sectionvg.+ $25.00
  • Generator GN-45 leg set, one LG-2 (seat) and 2 LG-3 legs, all steel, vg.+ $150.00
  • Generator GN-45 leg set, one LG-2 (seat) and 2 LG-3 legs, all aluminium, vg.+ $150.00
  • TBY-8 Radio, Type CRI-43044 Transmitter Receiver, serial 2183, a unit of Model TBY-8 Radio Equipment, Manufactured for Navy Department Bureau of Ships by Contractor Colonial Radio Corporation Buffalo New-York, Contract NXss33367, come with a handset, vg.+ $400.00
  • RT-53B/TRC-7 receiver / transmeter,  Serial No.1150 CONT#AF.33(038)-25596, Espey MFG. CO. INC., comes with a RM-52 and RM-53 remote control units. Also included is the rare AT-59/TRC-7 antenna (no AB-37 base) with connectors for it to be mounted on its front on the external antenna SO-239 connector, vg.+ 650.00
  • AS-110/TRC-7 antenna assembly complete and comprising of its: 4 mast sections AB-34, 5 mast sections AB-35, 3 mast sections AB-36, 6 mast sections AB-78, a mast base AB-77, 3  ground stakes, a swivel ground stake, a base plate, a lower and upper guy plates, 3 guy straps, 4 guy ropes all on their reel, all are in the roll CW-50 and the this roll is in its proper CW-48 bag, all are in very good + to excellent condition, vg.+ $250.00 
  • AB-34/TRC-7 mast section, I have 3 in stock, vg.+ $15.00 each
  • AB-35/TRC-7 mast section, I have 4 in stock, vg.+ $15.00 each
  • AB-78/TRC-7 mast section, vg.+ $15.00
  • BC-375E radio transmitter, serial No.8298, Order No.18-WFSCPD-42, Made by General Electric CO. U.S.A. with mounting FT-151. With its Trassmitter Tuning Unit TU-6-B 3000-4500 KC, also made by General Electric CO. U.S.A. A PE-73-C Dynamotor Unit  with mounting FT-107 and a BC-306-A load impedance (antenna variometer) Royal Canadian Air Force REF. No. 10EA/7924 with mounting FT-142. This radio was found in B17, B24, B25, B26 and early B-29’s, vg.+ $450.00
  • Azimuth Control Type MN-52H, Bendix Radio, vg.+ $15.00
  • Antenna Reel Type MT-5E, Bendix Radio, vg.+ $35.00
  • Remote Control Unit Type MN-28C, Bendix Radio,  in use in Candian made Mosquito, vg.+ $20.00
  • Directional Gyro Indicator AN5735, Sperry USA, vg.+ $20.00
  • BC-659 telescopic antenna, vg.+ $45.00
  • Antenna 3 pieces MS-116, MS- 117 and MS-118 for ther mass base AB-15, MP-65 and MP-65-A, vg.+ $40.00
  • Universal CU-1 microphone, still with its operation card, vg.+ $30.00 


  • Coat Man Army green , size 44S, dated 1982, with white on blue banner localy made "Joint Security Area Pan-Munjon" 2 ash bars on left cuff, Sergeant stripes, vg.+ $ 40.00
  • U.S.A.F reserve parachute chute bag, stamped on both sides "S/N USAF63-488-1" comes with its spring bands and pull handle, no parachute, vg.+ $40.00
  • Helmet Flight Deck Crew, Sound Attenuating, MIL-H-22172 A (WEP), Size 7, DSA100-67-C-4655, Lancer Clothing Corporation, cap only, close to mint, $35.00
  • N.V.A./V.C. 2 stick grenade canvas pouch, complete with its 2 belt loops and shoulder straps, vg.+ $20.00
  • N.V.A./V.C. green metal canteen with brown bakelite cap, complete with its original canvas carrier, vg. $20.00
  • Antenna for the ADSID seismic detector which were used around Khe Sanh during the siege of 1968 and in Laos as part of the top secret Operation Igloo White (intelligence and interdiction effort), still sealed in its white waterproof enveloppe and in its original cardboard box, the antenna looks like a defoliated branch, very rare, in unissued condition $50.00
  • Base antenna Support AB-79/VRC with antenna element AT-1096/VRC which is screw to the base, vg.+ $50.00