Grenades, fuzes, mines and projectiles

  • Mine Chemical No.1 Mark 1 Canadian maker maked GSW for General Steel Wares and dated 11/43 The mine consists of a lead- coated steel drum of commercial pattern varnished internally, 11 inches in diameter, about 20 inches high and weighing about 65 lbs. It holds 50 lbs. of mustard gas and is fitted with a handle on each side for carrying. More in info by clicking on this link below which shows the Military Training Pamphlet No. 32 Part V The Chemical Mine. vg.+ $400.00 NEW



  • Tin for 3 detonators for the No.36 Mills grenade, red painted metal tin which is maker marked "EIS", "No 530 Mk1" and dated 1945, complete with the metal detonator insert, metal detonator separator and lid, vg.+ $50.00
  • .5 inch Vickers / 12.7mm x 81mm round, green tip for armour piercing, Candian maker marked TR for Three Rivers Canada, dated 1943, live round, exc. $40.00
  • 3 inch / 70 caliber steel casing, vg.+ $30.00