Firearms and Accessories 


  • Enfield Volunteer rifle, 2 band muzzle loader muket with a 33 inch long and 5 grooves barrel, British commercial stampings, vg.+ $450.00 NEW
  • Mauser HSC 7,65mm caliber deactivated pistol, stamped with Waffenamt, vg.+ $700.00 

The above Muaser HSC is deactivated as per Canadian regulations with no moving parts. It comes with a RCMP letter confirming this, and can only be mailed in Canada. It is deactivated, permit is not required.

Flare Guns

  • Webley & Scott Ltd Mklll* flare gun, all brass with fluted barrel, dated 1915, in working condition, vg.+ $300.00 


W.W.1 British/Canadian   

  • Lewis gunner's leather wallet, stamped with a maker mark, a Broad Arrow and wartime dated, complete with a rupture shell extractor tool, a gas regulator cup reamer tool, 2 body locking pins, 2 ejectors, a cocking handle, a mouth piece, a gas regulator and a balance spring combinaison tool, all vg.+ $250.00
  • Lewis machine gun rupture shell extractor tool, stamped 'Plug Clearing Gun Lewis .303 No.2 B.S.A.' also stamped with a Broad Arrow and proof mark, vg.+ $20.00
  • Lewis machine gun gas regulator cup reamer tool, maker marked, vg.+ $40.00
  • Hotchkiss ammunirtion box, made on metal and measuring 3 1/2 in. by 8 1/2 in by 17 in., stamped in white paint "MARK V (heavy Tank)and Medium Mark A (Whippet tank) Hotchkiss ammunition box, vg.+ $200.00
  • Leather case for Vickers oil cans, stamped on the top cover with "Cans, .303 Tripod Mtgs", the maker marked H.G.R.Ld, the dated 1/1915 and a Broad Arrow, vg.+ $40.00 
  • Artillery plotter Field Mk IV, maker marked Taylor and Hobson Ltd, dated 1916, functional, vg.+ $50.00 

W.W.2 British/Canadian

  • Pattern 37 canvas revolver holster, Canadian maker marked and dated 1943, exc. $25.00
  • Second pattern white canvas holster for the Browning Inglis pistol, Canadian maker marked, postwar dated, used by the Military Police, vg.+ $30.00
  • Pattern 37 pistol belt, will extend to 40 inches, canadian maker marked "Z.L. & T. Ltd" and dated 1942, markings are light but still visible, never been blanched, vg.+ $100.00
  • Pattern 37 revolver ammunition pouch, Canadian maker marked and dated 1941, in close to mint condition, $35.00
  • Pattern 37 revolver ammunition pouch, Canadian maker marked and dated 1941, vg.+ $20.00
  • Pistol or revolver cleaning rod, stamped with a nice Canadian Broad Arrow, vg.+ $20.00
  • Pistol or revolver cleaning rod, same as above but  stamped with part of Canadian Broad Arrow, vg.+ $10.00
  • Pattern 37 leg strap for the long canvas tankers' holster, Canadian made and wartime dated, exc. $40.00
  • Sten gun finger guard for the ejection opening, exc. $50.00
  • Sten gun broken shell extractor, vg.+ $30.00
  • Original Sten gun front sight, exc. $10.00
  • Sten gun pullthrough, brass tip, exc. $10.00
  • Sten recoil spring,  vg.+ $20.00 
  • Sten gun adjustable canvas sling, British maker marked 'M.E.Co.' for Mills Equipment Company, dated 1943 and staped with a Broad Arrow, vg. $20.00
  • Trigger guard and magazine plate for the No.4 Enfield rifle, exc. $20.00
  • A striker or firing pin protusion gauge .040 in. and .050 in. for .303 caliber firearms, used with S.M.L.E., Bren and Vickers, vg. $20.00
  • Aim corrector No.1 complete with original tinted glass, dated 1940, vg.+ $45.00
  • Bren sling hook, matching pair, exc. $20.00 
  • Bren utility brush, measuring 12 inches in lenght, brass tips, vg.+ $10.00
  • Proper Bren gun wooden cleaning rod with screw in swab for cleaning the gas cylinder, vg. $25.00
  • Boys anti-tank rifle 10 round cloth bandoleer, stamped with a Canadian Broad arrow, the maker mark "TAPATCO", the date "May 1943" and "No.55", mint condition  $ 15.00 
  • Vickers Director No.9 Mkl, stamped with a maker marked logo and the following 'Director No.9 Mkl' the director is serial numbered and wartime , clear and functional optics, the two levelling bubbles are also functional, complete with its proper leather carrying case which is also maker marked and wartime dated, vg. $500.00  
  • Discardable khaki cloth bandoleer for the Boys anti tank rifle ten round cartridge box, Canadian maker marked and wartime dated, exc. $10.00
  • PIAT original W.W.2 canvas barrel wrap, vg.+ $90.00
  • PIAT original W.W.2 canvas cover for the rubber butt pad, vg.+ $125.00
  • PIAT original W.W.2 rubber butt pad, vg.+ $200.00
  • PIAT original and complete monopod, vg.+ $200.00
  • 2 inch mortar cleaning rod with its brush, this is the type that goes in the transit chest not the holdall, 28 inches long with one hing, same as W.W.2 but dated 1952, vg.+ $40.00
  • Leather muzzle cover for the 3 in. mortar, maker marked and wartime dated, vg.+ $50.00
  • Rangefinder tripod adjustable from 12 in. to 22 in., British maker marked and W.W.2 dated, vg. $50.00
  • Rangefinder metal transport container, complete with its carrying strap, exc. $100.00
  • Clinometer, Indian, MARK VI, Canadian maker marked "R.E.L.\Canada 115-C" and dated 1943, complete with its proper leather case which is also maker marked "R.E.L." and dated 1941, in working condition, vg.+ $100.00

W.W.1 German

  • Rifle scope, maker marked "Tricertar, D.R.P., C.P. Goerz Berlin. Nr. 15745", clear optics and complete with its leather carrier, vg.+ $350.00