Firearms and Accessories 

Firearm Accessories

  • Bore scope made of brass, British maker marked “Lauder Co.” and dated 1916, vg.+  $75.00
  • Discardable cloth bandoleer for .303 ammunition stripper clips, 5 pockets all with brass hooks, stamped with the maker mark “E.O.S. & Co. Ltd, dated 8/16, exc. $150.00 
  • Discardable cloth bandoleer for .303 ammunition stripper clips, 5 pockets, stamped with 50 BALL .303 MARK VII L.A. 14/4/19 I.A.” also stamped with a Canadian Broad Arrow, same as W.W.1 except dated post war, vg.+ $40.00 
  • Cleaning rod guide for the Long Lee rifle, stamped with a Crown over a 5 and a E, also stamped with a Canadian Broad Arrow, vg.+ $75.00
  • Aim teacher for the Long Lee and No.1 MkIII rifles, stamped with a Canadian Broad Arrow, very rare, vg.+ $100.00 
  • Flare gun leather holster, unmarked and complete with its leather transport strap, vg.+ $75.00 
  • Discardable cloth bandoleer, 5 pockets each for holding two five round clip, maker marked “E.O.S. & Co. Ld.” dated 8/16, empty no clips or ammunition, vg.+ $150.00   
  • Reflector mirror / bore scope, all brass with chain for rifle, stamped with the maker mark “Lauder Co.”, the date 1916 and a Canadian Broad Arrow, vg.+ $75.00 
  • Lewis gunner's leather wallet, stamped with a maker mark, a Broad Arrow and wartime dated, complete with a rupture shell extractor tool, a gas regulator cup reamer tool, 2 body locking pins, 2 ejectors, a cocking handle, a mouth piece, a gas regulator and a balance spring combinaison tool, all vg.+ $250.00
  • Cross straps for the Lewis gun magazine carrier set, British maker marked  "M.W.& S. Ltd", stamped with British Broad Arrows and dated 1918, in close to mint condition, exc. $40.00  
  • Hotchkiss ammunition box, made on metal and measuring 3 1/2 in. by 8 1/2 in by 17 in., stamped in white paint "MARK V (heavy Tank)and Medium Mark A (Whippet tank) Hotchkiss ammunition box, vg.+ $200.00
  • Leather case for Vickers oil cans, stamped on the top cover with "Cans, .303 Tripod Mtgs", the maker marked H.G.R.Ld, the dated 1/1915 and a Broad Arrow, vg.+ $40.00
  • Artillery plotter Field Mk IV, maker marked Taylor and Hobson Ltd, dated 1916, functional, vg.+ $50.00