Italian World War 1

  • W.W.1 Ambrosio di San Giorgio Alberto da Bibiana (Torino) Officer Cadet with the 158th Infantrie Regiment medal grouping comprising of his named Al Valore Militare in silver, his named Al Valore Militare in bronze, his Victor Emmanuel 111 War Merit Cross, his Knight Order of the Crown and his Republic Order of Merit in case of issue which is maker marked "L. Johnson, Milano, Roma". This grouping was obtained by me at the family estate sale in 2011 in Montreal, Canada. I also obtained a cased Umberto 1 full size and miniature Knight Order of the Crown which I was told is to early to be attribuate to him. Also obtained is a 800 silver cuffling showing the city of Pinerolo Coat of Arms and on one and the 1st Grenadier Regiment of Sardegna insignia on the other. With this grouping came a typed letter in Italian explaining how he received his two Al Valore Militare and which reads for the bronze one "Lieutenant with the 158th Infantry Division, he manages to occupy a very important position which had been previously abandoned. He was among the first to heroically climb using a rope ladder hanging over the abyss. Mont Corno, June, 1918. His silver one "Commanding of a large patrol in action, he keep contact with the H.Q. and inform them of the situation by showing great skill, intelligence, calm and courage. He asked assistance  and contributed effectively in to repelling a violent counter attack and taking many prisoners, Mont Valbella, January 29, 1918. All items are all original has found, all are in vg.+ $1000.00