German World War 2


  • Messtins stamped "OHW 41" with close to 60% of its original green paint finish still remaining, complete with its leather strap which is stamped with a faded maker mark, $50.00
  • Water bottle, brown enameled steel body complete with felt cover, leather straps and bakelite cup, no holes in its felt cover and the black leather straps are all intact, vg.+ $75.00
  • Luftschutz gas mask complete with its 1936 dated canister, exc. $50.00 
  • DR2 flight computer, all complete and in working condition, maker marked and dated 09/40, vg.+ $125.00 
  • DR2 flight computer, all complete and in working condition, maker marked and dated 03/41, vg.+ $100.00 


  • 21-Day clockwork delay fuze J-Feder 504 timer, all complete with its arming screw, percussion cap holder, its recocking device, screwdriver, paper instruction sheet and its matching number wooden carrying case, vg.+ $750.00 
  • German stock mine complete with its dummy charge, a ZZ 42 fuze, vg.+ $150.00 NEW 
  • 1Kg incendiary bomb fins, vg.+ $50.00
  • M1924 stick greande with stencilled head, complete with its porcelain ball, pull cord and BZ24 igniter, all are wartime original, vg.+ $600.00 NEW
  • 3,7cm Flak 18 round, steel cartridge case 6348St dated 1940 complete with its primer,  H.E. projectile with a Kopf. Z. Zerl Pv aluminium nose impact  fuze dated 1941, very nice projectile with over 90% of its origial yellow ordannce finish still remaining, vg.+ $300.00 NEW9
  • White porcelain ball for the stick grenade, vg. $20.00
  • Bakelite container for nose fuze, vg.+ $25.00


  • Mauser HSC 7,65mm caliber deactivated pistol, stamped with Waffenamt, vg.+ $700.00 

The above firearm is deactivated as per Canadian regulations with no moving parts. It comes with a RCMP letter confirming this, and can only be mailed in Canada. It is deactivated, permit is not required.

Firearms Parts  

  • MP40 bakelite grip, W.W.2 original, vg.+ $200.00  
  • MP40 firing pin, no WaA, exc. $25.00